Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Flower Doodling.....

 While recovering from an EBV (eppstein barr virus) flare up I drew flowers experimenting with different watercolor pencils/pan sets.
 Extreme stress causes the EBV to flare up and all you want to do is sleep.  I draw/paint flowers as a diversion to help me stay awake and focus on something else besides my bodies ability to stay healthy.

 I experimented with different watercolor pencils and pan sets.  My favorite brand is Derwent's reg & inktense wc pencils but are pricy even with Michael's coupon so I don't have the whole set.  I buy individual pencils from Dick Blick in the colors I know I will use but, each time as I sharpen them I think about the cost to replace it.  I will still use them.  The colors are richer, bolder.  Artist's loft are my least favorite and are a good starting out  wc pencil.  Their products are for students who will usually use them once and then sit in a drawer for years.  Their products are affordable but you do get what you pay for.

Most of the pan sets leave a chalky residue when dry that gets all over you.  I did find a pearlescent set but, don't remember what brand it was.  They're blingy....which I am so into.  I experimented with color, what colors I like together, which ones I didn't, which colors I would like to try, etc.
 I haven't had any lessons in watercolor pencils so it was all trial and error.  Shading was the hardest, I'm use to acrylics so I still don't have that down good.

The good thing is I wasn't following any rule, I just played.

Some colors that I used a lot, greens & yellows are half their size from when I started.

Some pages I liked, some....not so much.

I kept doodling and painting, keeping supplies by my recliner so my art room feels neglected.

Pink!  How do I love thee....I can never have enough shades of pink.

There is a Dick Blick store by Detroit but, with the price of gas shipping is probably cheaper.

But, it's hard to see exactly what the color is online or in a book.  I want to hold it and see the color for myself so will take a trip one day....as soon as I can talk Farmer into it.  Michael's carries prismacolor color pencils individually but not watercolor pencils.  Everything else are in sets.

What a better way of trying out an unknown product.  Buy a couple of wc pencils from each manufacture until you find the ones you like.

One of these days I will paint flowers on my wall...probably in the bathroom of my art room....

I'm not good at drawing so I usually end up making up my own species of whatever I'm attempting to draw.
I'm making art.....everyone doesn't have to like it and there are times when you won't like what you've done yourself but, at least you're making art.  Never give up!  Never surrender......Try not....DO !!!