Saturday, January 26, 2013

Glass Flowers

 This past summer I attempted to make glass flowers.  The hardest part was finding glass plates, bowls, etc, especially the ruffled edges ones.

 The best plates I found were what use to be a tiered cupcake stand.  Because they were tiered they each had a hole in the middle and a rim on the bottom.  I had hoped to bolt the pieces together but, again couldn't find the right glass pieces.  I glued a tie wrap in but with the rim at the bottom I didn't need to use it.

I wrapped galvanized wire around the rim and twisted it until it was really tight so I was sure it would not come off.  I made the wire long enough to wrap around the deck post.

 This didn't turn out like I had envisioned ...again, because I couldn't find the right size glass pieces reasonably priced.  I was not paying $8 - 10 for a glass bowl or plate.

 The bottom plate again is part of the tiered cupcake stand.  I couldn't find a bowl, plate that I liked for the next layer.
Galvanized wire wrapped around the ridge on the bottom and hung it on a deck post.  To glue them together I started out using aquarium glue but that was too expensive so switched to a marine silicone.  You don't want a flexible silicone because it doesn't set up and your plates, etc fall off.  If you send your hubby to the store to buy it be sure to check the label before using it or you will be redoing all your hard work.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sorrythis space has been empty.  It took a long time to recover from having the loop recorder implanted, longer than I thought.  It's a new year, hopefully it will be a better year.

 I scribbled this out in paint awhile's late but, better late than never.  For the very few who read this blog....I humbly and sincerely appreciate it.