Thursday, July 14, 2011

My gentle giant

Louie, my gentle giant is dying.  He was as big as our dog, weighed 20 lbs or more but was the most gentlest of creatures.  I fostered his mother and 5 brothers for the humane society 11 years ago.  I knew he was going to be big by the size of his front paws so we adopted him.  His paw filled the palm of my hand but he never intimidated the other animals.  He accepted all of them, never hissing, growling, etc to any of the other rescues.   Now my gentle giant is leaving me and it breaks my heart.  His left lung stopped working, the right lung can't keep up and his heart is giving out and no one knows why.  Waiting for the vet to open so we can make the appointment to end his suffering.  May he go as gentle as he has lived his life.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Following In The Sun online art journal class

I have been following In The Sun's daily prompts.  Sometimes the finished page doesn't look what I had envisioned in my head when I started.  Then I usually argue with myself on whether I should just leave it alone or try 'fixing''s still under debate.

We were to create a beach playlist, songs we'd play at the beach.  My choices were.... Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride (from Lilo & Stitch), Soak Up the Sun (Sheryl Crow), Pearly Shells (Don Ho), Kokomo (Beach Boys).  I forgot to write down Waimanalo Blues by Country Comfort.  The background is pink and yellow acrylic with black marker dots, photo of the beach at Whitefish Point, Martha Stewart tapes and graph paper.

Favorite Summer Memories--Before the Mighty Mac was built you rode a car ferry to reach the Upper Peninsula.  My parents would never let us get out of the car and walk on deck.  The Mackinac Bridge is an impressive sight and still get goosebumps when I first catch sight of it's peaks on the horizon.

Summer Takes Flight-- I didn't want to do a page on mosquitos so did one on lightning bugs.  This was one of those moments when the final page was not what I had envisioned.  I had to leave it.

I love hibiscus flowers and one of the few flowers that I haven't killed......
 The prompt was what chore we would like to give up for the summer.  Since I can't do very much I went with having a doctor free oncologist, allergist, surgeon, bariatric surgeon, pulmonologist, family dr, dentist, oral surgeon.  Of course that isn't going to happen.

I like how this turned out....don't remember what the prompt was.

Using some of the scrapbooking supplies Phil and Leah sent for my birthday I created this page.  Even used the wrapping paper.