Monday, July 16, 2012


     I'm not sure how many would recognize him in his present state, something one of the boys left behind many years ago.   Picked up by something else and used as a hockey puck.

     A substitute for children long gone by another, yet lovingly carried around and talked to.

     And then he laid in solitude.  In the dust, immobile.   Sometimes short bursts of being batted around and, then just as sudden as it began, it would stop.  And then he laid alone, abandoned, waiting for the next time.

     Sometimes he would hear, "Look what I found behind the chair!"  But then he was always put in a box with others.  Silent, forlorn, waiting

     Until one winter day he felt a small cold nose gingerly smell him.  He felt something wet down his back and then, oh so gently...he was picked up.

 He was put on something soft.  It was bright being out of the box and something soft and furry lay beside him.  He was loved.  He was carried everywhere and no one else was allowed to touch him.  He spent the night with his new friend and sometimes was taken outside.

     He couldn't be a bounty hunter any more now that his hands and feet were gone and his face  scarred beyond recognition but, he didn't care.  He was loved.......

by her.  Unconditional love.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Where has the time gone?  Can't believe it's been that long since I visited my own page.....

If SNICKERS candy bars give you 3 hrs of energy, I figured if I ate one every 3 hrs I wouldn't need my Provigil.  Don't think the Dr.s would go for it though.  Are there SNICKERS drs out there?

My art room still isn't done.  My energy doesn't last very long (remember the SNICKERS idea?) 

Baby is getting big, losing his baby looks replacing them with enormous bouts of energy, antagonizing the dogs and cats (maybe the baby is eating a secret stash of SNICKERS bars).  Still haven't come up with a name yet.  The right name will hit me so hard I will see stars....  Right now it answers to the frantic calling of BABY!    BABY!  WHERE ARE YOU...YOU  LITTLE SHIT? after finding him asleep on the shelf in the fridge.  He lets me sing and rock him to sleep....Brahms Lullaby with my own words.

Go to sleep.  Go to sleep
Go to sleep my little baby.

Close your eyes.  Close your eyes.
Go to sleep you little shit.

My birthday was at the beginning of this month.  I can't believe I am this old.  On the bright side, so is everyone I graduated with and I am still younger than my sister.  Will always be.  That is so comforting.