Friday, May 25, 2012

GARAGE SALING WITH A BABY....the 4 legged kind

Yeah, I know.  Haven't been here in a while but, that's another blog.

So I decided to hit a couple of yard/garage sales looking in search of baby clothes for Xuxa.

 I buy newborn size 0 - 3 months and adjust them to fit Xuxa's skinny body.  She loves her dresses and will come running if you hold one up which makes Sam our Sheltie jealous.  So now he wears strips of material around his neck.

Had to ask my daughter-in-law to drive me since I'm not allowed to drive for the rest of the year.  Baby is about 3 weeks old and bottle fed which means a diaper bag had to go with us. 

 Used my Longaberger HOH tote because it had a protector, thinking that the baby would 'sleep' in it.

 This is Baby's bed....a box with a stuffed animal.  He loves his bed but no way could I haul that around.

The first sale found on Craig's listed baby clothes.  When we finally found it there was no sale but, lots of signs that said no trespassing.  We went on to a neighborhood sale, by this time it was evident that Baby was NOT going to stay in the tote, he was NOT going to sleep and he wanted a drink every 30 min.  Which is ok.  Baby's are like that.  We're in a fellow 4- legged baby rescuer's garage looking at her stuff, talking, feeding baby, rubbing his belly after he eats....when he pees.  Not a little.  Through the towel wrapped around him that was suppose to soak it all up and down the front of my shirt.  The kind lady found a diaper to wrap him in, offered me a shirt to change into.  Very nice lady.  She sprayed my shirt with febreeze and off we went.

The next stop I found the PURRFECT solution.  A vinyl & mesh bag with a zippered top and a zippered cooler on the bottom.  For 25 cents.  It was awesome.  Put the Baby in it, zipped the top.  Great air flow, he could see me, I could see him.  Perfect.  Then he peed, a lot....again.  This time it was all over him and in the bottom.  I wiped up as much as I can and dried him off as much as I could, then used my Bath & Body hand cleaner to clean him up. 

  It all worked in the end.  He ate, he slept.  Didn't find any girls baby clothes but, I have the best carrier for baby....with a puppy pad folded on the bottom to soak up pee. 

He's adorable and the cutest baby.  He'll be a great garage saler when he gets older.