Thursday, October 27, 2011

Going back....

In August after the reunion we stayed in St. Ignace and reacquainted ourselves with some souvenir shops we had been going to for over 50 years.

The Curio Fair is on US 2 in sight of the Mac Bridge.  They are not lying when they say there is something for everyone.  Most of the shops there are now offering antique and vintage items for sale to help with the slow economy.

When I first started coming here in the 50's it was less then a dime to climb the lighthouse and see the view of the Mackinaw Bridge.  Like everything else that has gone up in price which no one minds paying, it's an awesome view.  With my knees the way they are I no longer climb the many stairs in the 8 story tower.

Part of the outside walls of the Curio Fair have shells cemented in which makes an awesome look.  Wouldn't mind doing that to a wall in my house except I'd have to be constantly dusting & cleaning the I won't.

Down the road is Totem Village, another favorite stop.
My mother and sister in a Kodak moment.
 Yooper weather is taking it's toll on the wood.
My mother and I...
Mother and sister talking with our relatives outside Totem Village.  There is a museum out back but, have stopped paying to go through it now.  Found a cool CD here about Michigan and when I figure out how to upload it someday you will hear it.   The Mystery Spot is down the road on US 2 and, haven't been there in years but, is a very interesting place.  Along US2 from St. Ignace to Naubinway there are excellent sandy beaches...stop in some time.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my blog post on Balzer Designs Art Journal Every Day - It is great to meet another fellow Michiganian! And another altered book lover! We have a boat up in Cheboygan and can see the Mackinac Bridge from Duncan Bay - I enjoyed reading your post about St. Ignace. We don't cross the bridge very often, so I'll have to be sure to go there next summer - sounds great. My husband went to school at Mich. Tech. We live in Midland. Take care!