Saturday, February 11, 2012

Life with a puppy....

 We bought a puppy a week ago....a female Yorkie-poo, born on December 24, 2011.  She weighs 1 lb 4 oz, tiny little thing.  I wanted to name her Kaiulani since we already have Liliuokalani but, Gary said he wanted a name he could I named her Xuxa (shooshuh).
 She's a smart little puppy and not afraid of anything.  She likes to steal Sammy's big dog toys and the cat's toys even though we bought her smaller toys for her. 
 Xuxa had been eating Pedigree puppy food but, she prefers what the animals are eating.  At breakfast they play 'musical' cups.  Take a few bites then take somebody else's cup of food.  When Xuxa finds the 'right' cup she growls at whoever tries to take it away.  Size doesn't matter.
 Lucy (one of our ferals, Liliuokalani's siter) patiently waits for Xuxa to finish so she can eat what's left.
 When it's time for a nap Xuxa comes to my chair and whines, whether I'm sitting there or not.  If I'm in another room she whines loudly until I come and sit down.  She chews on a plastic spoon until she falls asleep beside me.
 I crocheted this dress, making up the pattern as I went which meant a lot of undoing a lot of stitches and starting over.  She wears the dresses and hats after a bath to help keep her warm while we snuggle.
 Back of the dress with it's ruffle.
Gary calls it abuse.........

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