Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Art Journaling through grief

About this time one week ago I got the call from the vet's office that Candy had died.  Have been in a funk since then and didn't feel like doing anything.  Started working in my altered art book 'Flowers In The Attic' so I wouldn't think about her being gone but instead I felt her loss more.  She would always cry at my door insisting on being let in and then sit on my desk while I'm painting and try to drink the paint water.  It was a game she played and I missed it dreadfully but I continued collaging, painting....backgrounds, pages, etc.  I got through the week not without tears but, I got through.

This is the title page of the altered book drawn with zentangles.  Am thinking I like the black/white opposed to the color version.

Stamped the birds on 1 ply hospital kleenex, added more branches, flowers and colored it with water color pencils.  The tulips I punched before the pages were glued together and colored with markers.  The grass is acrylic paint.

Hospital kleenexes are hard on the nose but great for art journals and painting.

This is darker than it appears, an acrylic background that I started.  It's a night scene and it doesn't show the twinkling stars or their reflection on the water....it's unfinished, will continue it later.

just janie

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