Friday, September 7, 2012

Did you miss me?

I haven't been here......did you miss me?  Yeah, I know.  Why would you miss my ramblings.  August was one of those months where you sit back and say....WTH?

Remembered at 9pm on a Saturday night that it was my niece's daughter's 5th birthday party the next day.  And of course was totally unprepared.  No gift, card, etc.  So looked in my stash and remembered the Barbie clothes I had crocheted last year.    Here is a link to some of the Skipper clothes   Barbie clothes    Had to add buttons to some of them so got up early Sunday morn to work on them.  Went to the store to buy a Skipper doll but, it was ugly.  So bought Barbie (crochet stretches) and the last doll case they had.   Searched for 5th birthday cards, they were ugly.  Bought paper and wrapped it on the way over to the party.  sigh.

Had a headache so left early.  Neck stiffened up on the way home and it went downhill from there.  Severe chills (in August?) until my joints ached, headache was ginormous, nothing I tried was working.  So gave in and we made a trip to Borgess ER in Kalamazoo.  We were on hold because several chest pain patients came in and they get top priority.  I don't know what happened.  One minute we were in a small waiting room and the next in a trauma room.  Won't bore you with the details.  I did not have meningitis as suspected (spinal tap is ok if done right.  the 2nd dr had no trouble).  3 heavy duty antibiotics and by Tuesday felt better so they let me go that afternoon.

Wednesday I'm resting from the ordeal when it hits me.....we're leaving the next day for the UP and I haven't packed anything.......sigh

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