Saturday, April 23, 2011

Life has a way of changing your plans....

Haven't worked in my art room for 3 weeks.  Was at the hospital for 2 weeks with my mother.  The first week I worked in my art journal and decorated Easter 'basket' cups for the veterans to help pass the time.

The 2nd week I crocheted Skipper clothes.  It wasn't as messy as painting in my art journal.  I didn't have a pattern as usual so tore out stitches until I got it the way I wanted it.  The first coat I designed.

 Front and back views

Green dress is a new design....

I'm thinking I need to add some shorts to this short dress.....

My first hoodie and shorts.  Sallie (older sister) collaborated on the shorts.  She came up with the idea on how it might work.

Peach yarn not showing up on the white too good.

Made the skirt first and wasn't sure on what to do with the top....kept working with it until I liked it.

I started to feel sick while making this next set....using fuzzy mohair type yarn

So picked up a bug in the hospital and missed the last couple of days mother was in the hospital.  Dr says I had a bad sinus infection so another week went by and still didn't get in to my art room to paint.  Am feeling better but still tire easy.   Probably wouldn't have been so sick if I hadn't recently had the epstein barr virus.  So my plans of painting, art journaling are on hold until I feel well enough to do them.  Have done some background pages but that is about all.  It will still be waiting for me when I get aroud to it.



  1. wow you were busy! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Toni! I did finally make it to my art room 2 days ago!

  3. OMG! The Skipper clothes are too adorable! And thanks for signing up to Art Journal Every Day in May! :)

  4. I came by through Julie's May AJED sign up list...I love the crocheted doll clothes, and I'm not even a doll fan at all. But these are great!!

  5. Thanks Julie and Andria! They are original designs by me. Trying to crochet clothes for Ken but, he's turning out to be boring! VERY excited about AJED!