Monday, May 2, 2011

Because SPRING is your time to shine....

Did I mention that I really like flowers?  I mean really like flowers and also like to draw them in my own not so professional way but it brings me joy.   I am not getting tired of drawing or painting them and am almost finished with painting Flowers In The Attic, my 2nd altered art book.  The first one I did was Petals In The Wind...very appropriate don't you think?  Haven't found my 3rd flower book, does anybody have suggestions.  Too bad V. C. Andrews didn't have a 3rd book in the series.

Couldn't sleep again last night so was up till 2 am + painting in the aab and continued again this morning.  I took the left over paper strips from glue tape cut them in strips and mod podged them on the pages to make a grid.  Then cut a flower calendar page into strips and mp'd them in between the other strips.  Gessoed over the entire page.  Because of the texture of the glue tape strips nothing sticks to them (like wax paper).  Stamped a blue checkerboard border, used a  thank you (had a tulip after the TY) stamp and lastly stamped a teddy bear holding flowers.  Drew daisies, painted the petals, stuck a happy face sticker in the middle then did a light coat of metallic paint over the petals or used a metallic glitter paint.  Used medium to put the words down and then quit for awhile.  Will go back later and add....something.

This is a background page I did in insomnia land.  I am so into black, pink and yellow.  Not sure what else I will do,  right now I am liking it the way it is.

Another background in IL.  Yellow watercolor, crayola flowers, acrylic grid, yellow polka dots.  Painters tape edge on one side, masked tape on the other.  Am loving taped edges rather than glue the bunch down, but not packing tape, nothing sticks to it.

Journaled how I felt coming to the end of the aab, glued the plastic sheath that came on my mother's flowers.  The plastic had yellow and purple flowers with green leaves.  I pulled it out of the garbage at the hospital, knew immediately what I was going to do with it.  Just not sure where it's going now....

I love spring.  It's so refreshing after winter.  So going out to enjoy the day.

just janie


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    I found you over at Julie's blog for the Art Journal Everyday. I love your pages, so much fun!!!

  2. Thanks Connie! This is my first art journal every day event I've excited!