Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I have a green thumb in my art room......

I have a thumb in my art room ..... everywhere else it's a thumb.  I do really well with hardy hibiscus in the yard but if I had to grow them indoors.....I'd be burying flowers every week.  Painted flowers live will stick to them rather than try to grow them.  The instruction books are better.

Poinsettias are beautiful...  Did you know if you are allergic to latex then you're probably allergic to Poinsettias.  I have a beautiful faux poinsettia.... not in the mood to test this theory.

I love flowers but, I am physically unable to plant/weed/grow flowers in the yard so will paint some and stick them out there....Will post a pic.....within the next 20 years when I get them done.

When I received this card I knew I was going to add it to my art journal.  My husband doesn't throw any junk mail away any saves me from digging it out of the trash to use in my art journals.  Had him trained in no time.....

just janie

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