Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The things you can send in the mail....

Received this bottle in the mail, it was an invitation to my nephews bridal luau shower.  Inside was a drink umbrella, the invitation, directions to the place, champagne glass and a small bag of sand.  Your first thought on how to open it is to remove the cork but it's obvious nothing is going to fit through the small hole.  The bottom is taped on making it easy to open.  I don't know who thought it up but it's a neat idea.  For my niece's baby shower my sister mailed baby bottles with the invitations in them, cool idea.

I've mailed painted coconuts, wooden postcards and odd shaped things over the years and they got to where they were going with no problems.  I mailed a Valentine's card to the couple across the street......they got it 4 months later.

just janie

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