Friday, May 13, 2011

I feel bad....I broke a promise....

Dear Dr Parks,

Remember that promise I made you several years ago?  You know, when you wanted me to get rid of all 9 of my cats because of my allergy to cats?  And I said definitely not but, I would promise not to get any more.  Well,  after the deaths of Charity,Marshmallow, Ann Marae last year and Candy 2 months ago I didn't think you would mind if I broke that promise.  She is such a sweetie and she called out my name.

Dr   Molly.  How can you not love that face?

The flowering trees and bushes are in bloom in the back's pretty and smells heavenly, for about 5 minutes then I have to come in and squirt meds up my nose so I can breathe again.

Lilacs..LOVE them but, I keep forgetting to cut them back in the fall.

One of the crab apple (I think) trees in the back.

A treasure from some U.P. stealth gardening several years ago, Jack in the Pulpit.  Need to get some trilliums next...

Been trying to organize my art room.  I think I've decided it's a lost cause.

just janie

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