Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fighting Fingerprints

The boys moved out long ago but, I am still fighting fingerprints....they're much higher on the wall but always around door/drawer handles.  On the last fingerprint scrubbing mission my brain turned on the light.  The light in the attic doesn't get turned on much but lately it's been coming on a lot.  Anyway I to conquer the fingerprints/smudges.  Cover the area.  My first thought was scrapbook paper but I didn't have enough of the right colors so I went through my fabric stash.  My  Longaberger Christmas Baskets are displayed in the kitchen so basically the colors are red,green and, white.


My first choice was a bright red background with yellow hibiscus but, it was too bright.  I found the right fabric in my Hawaiian stash.  I hated to use it but, it was worth it.  Took the handles off, cut fabric to fit the areas, modpodged the fabric on and varnished it the next day.  Voila!

Did this faux stained glass look in the 90's and am thinking it needs some red now.  Just haven't figured out exactly where I would put the red.

The clear spots is clear gallery glass so will experiment on whether I should cut it out and put red in or not.  Waiting for my brain to turn the light on again.

 The light was turned on as I was screwing handles back on and an image floated, somewhat hazily before my eyes.  PAINT!  I have to confess I started this sitting on the floor, trying to sketch it out, etc.  The light was finally dawned on me to remove the doors but, not until I wasn't able to move or get up from the floor without wanting to scream.  The hubby took the doors off when he got home.
Background is dark green, added the red flower bushes after I was done and it needed something more.  The bush actually started out small but it just kept growing.  I am pleased with the final result and think I will do the same thing to the island.

Come back for more adventures in FIGHTING FINGERPRINTS!

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