Thursday, November 8, 2012

Retirement....What a lovely thought

Retirement....What a lovely thought but, am I ready for it?   You know your old when you start thinking of retiring.  In my case retiring from what?  Doctors?  Now there's a thought.  Retiring from a cold state, moving to a warmer one?  Haven't been able to work in 8 years because of health.   IDK....too tired to think about it.

After a month of sketching, erasing, erasing, sketching, erasing, clean new paper, sketching, erasing, sketching and on and on and on and on.......I  knew what I wanted to draw, I just couldn't get it right to my satisfaction.

Couldn't get the legs to look right, the arms were too skinny or too fat.  The hammock never looked right, gave up on bare feet.  In the end I do what I always do....make up my own species from Janie's Planet.

  Yup, you are looking at a pic of Janie's Planet where nothing is perfect.  People are not quite what you imagined, the flowers kind of look familiar, the trees resemble something you've seen in  Hawaii and Florida.

The sand on the beach is darker than what you're use to......

and the sailboats are scribbles.......crap, I forgot to put the easy as pie birds up in the sky...  Oh, well.  On Janie's Planet they're all at Meijer's parking lot looking for scraps.

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