Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hall of Horrors

The HALL OF HORRORS  is gone replaced with my art horrors and some family pics.  I ran the wallpaper & border down the one side and started to paint the opposite side....white...again.  My brain rebelled.  It said lets match the color in the wallpaper!  Again the color my brain sent me did not match the final color.  Whatever.  It will have to deal with it.  So instead of mauve/dark pink.....I got

Pepto Bismal Pink.  The light tones it down so it doesn't look so...PINK.  But, yes, dear hubby...it's pink.  Girly pink.  Titty pink.  Pink.  I love it.  We had three boys, they didn't wear pink.  We have a pink tiled bathroom (military must have found a good deal on these tiles)

Then my brain sends this idea...."Wouldn't it be cool to have little blingy spots randomly on the wall?"  It sounded so cool I agreed with the deranged boss.  BUT,  it neglected to tell me how to get the blingy spots on the wall!  I ruined 3 spray bottles trying to spray glitter on the wall, glitter clogs the spraying mechanism.  So I bought a can of spray glitter.  Used the whole can on the wall.......and it doesn't show.  Not even a twinkle.   So I came up with spreading watered down glue on the wall and then blowing the fine glitter gently on the wall.....

Sounded good but, didn't work.  So tried blowing chunkly glitter on to the glued wall...  The wood floors were beautiful, twinkling, glittery but, my wall wasn't.

By this time I was so fed up I fired the brain, dumped the glitter into the glue and slapped it on the wall randomly.

It glitters in spots......the spots that get the full light in between the painted spots on the globe.  Yeah....I painted the globe so it doesn't get the full light.

By this time I didn't care, sent the brain on vacation and slapped the glue-glitter on baseboards.

I kept the glitter off the baseboards and wall paper, wanted it to be seperate.  It definitely is blingy in spots, not exactly how I would have like it to be but......hey, that's the way my life is now.  OMG.....my brain is back from vac and it thinks I should have embossed gold designs on the wall !!!  Somebody save me.

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