Monday, November 5, 2012

White Walls...What was I thinking?

White walls....what was I thinking?  Clearly I wasn't....thinking.  Yes it goes with everything but, I can take it for so long (20 yrs) when I have to change it.  It's been painted several times but, always white.

I took the hall of horrors down recently, tried to wash fingerprints/smudges (grrr) off the superdupereasytowashbuymepaint and, after a near heart attack my brain gave me an idea.  The same brain that hasn't worked right since the why do I listen to it?  Because there's no one else home during the day.  My brain gets me into a lot of trouble.  It needs a babysitter or brain day care

I use to be a big fan of wallpaper and, would still be today if someone else put it up and took it down.  It looks nice but, it's a pain in the ass to put up/take down and get the paste off the walls.  (Panelling is sounding better each day.  Slap it up, nail it, done.   NO FINGERPRINTS.    Of course, I couldn't go out while the hubby is at work and buy the pannelling, etc, etc because I'M NOT ALLOWED TO DRIVE).  I digress (is that the right word?  sometimes my brain likes to humiliate me)....Wallpaper, I don't like the mess but, I happen to have a large roll of commercial wallpaper I bought at a Habitat for Humanity store months ago.  Commercial wallpaper is heavier than the paper used in homes.

I bought a roll with a mauve background, no set pattern so you didn't have to match anything.  The space at the top is for a collage I'm working on.  I put up some of the family pictures but, left a lot off.  The hubby and I are in the middle, my family pics to the right, his to the left.

You can see the beginning of the other hall.....that will be in another post.

The plaid hat was the hubby's step-father's, seen in the photo above it.  He's also wearing a button that says "I HATE CATS" in the photo.   His father's photo is on the left.  The background looks like a light pink but, it's mauve/dark pink/whatever.

 This is the plaque given to the hubby's SF on retirement.....  My tombstone will probably read KMA (kiss my ass)
 Here's the wallpaper.  How did I get it up all by myself, without paste?  I can't believe I'm telling the whole world this...promise you won't tell anybody..

 I stapled it up then used a paint pen to cover the staple.  This is an extreme close up, you can't see them unless you really look for it.

And the border?

Yup, stapled that up too then used a marker.  When I get tired of it I'll pull it down and paint.  I hope to be healthier by then and DRIVING!  The paint will fill in all the little pin holes the staples made and I'm ready for the next brain crazed theme.  It's a lot easier with 2 people.  Didn't quite finish by the time the hubby came home and he helped with the rest but, he admitted it looked good.  Told the Dr what I had done and that it looked good so I have professional proof that he liked it.

More brain crazy ideas next week.

(Not responsible for wrong words, bad grammar/punctuations, etc)

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