Friday, November 2, 2012

Repetitious Cleaning Wears Me Out.....

Repetitious cleaning wears me out......especially fingerprints/smudges and light fixtures that become bug cemeteries.  So I decided to 'FIX' these area problems in my own little crazy, artsy way.  Of course I 'fixed' most of them while hubby was at work so he couldn't nix the ideas

First- Bug Cemeteries, otherwise known as Ceiling Lights. 

Sorry to say I did not take a before pic of the bug cemetary, it was way too creepy.  Usually I have to ask the hubby to clean the light because I'm not allowed on ladders (balance/dizzy/seizure issues).  So like a good wife I wait till he goes to work and drag the ladder out.  We have two long halls with 3 globe lights, my choice at the time but, I think I must have been high at the time to pick a clear globe which necessitates buying clear light bulbs.   I looked at track lighting briefly recently and, when the shock wore off decided I could live with the bug cemetaries.  Until I had to clean them again.

My brain must be on the road to recovery from the stroke or I am definitely going off the deep end.  My brain sent the idea of painting flowers on the globes to hide the bugs.  It took awhile to filter through and decifer but once it did it grew like the Grinch's heart.  I used Plaid's Enamel paints.  I haven't worked with them in years so it was difficult at first.  You have to let the first coat DRY completely or you end up removing it when you brush on the second coat.

Of course, nothing went smoothly because that's just the way my life is.  It's the truth, substantiated (wow! my brain remembered the word and how to spell it!) by many factual accounts.

The flower or the leaves were not suppose to be that big, according to the pic my brain was telling me but, it will have to deal with it.  They is what they is.

Try not to notice how crooked some are, tilt your head a little to the right and it's perfect.  Notice that the petals are white.....

Because they don't look it here.  Which means I could've used any color....

Looking up.  On the whole I am pleased with them.  I have to be....that paint is baked on and won't come off.  Come on bugs....give the new cemetary a try.  Want to see if your dead, curled up bodies show up through the paint.

(Not responsible for any mistakes, blame it on the brain  It gets confused easily.)

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