Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Up in Smoke

 Dear Santa, 

Since you check your list often you will know that I've been good.  Well pretty good, I did sneak downstairs a couple of time after the hubby asked me not to.  But, that's not really being bad and he wouldn't have known I did....if I hadn't left the light on.  His fear of finding me at the bottom when he comes home could be handled differently.  Like, put a large cushion at the bottom to break my fall, etc.  My old art room is down there, it calls me.

And just to warn you when you come this year, the 11 month old puppy STILL isn't housebroke so watch your step.  Just sayin....

Most of the cats will greet you, even the baby Mike Katz.  He's very friendly and loveable due to all the bonding during bottle feeding.  Don't make me come down and check your bag before you leave.

As you know I fried my laptop....again.  Sorry but, I use it a lot.  So if you decide to replace my smoldering heap of plastic...

I LOVE THIS!!!!! but, it's an HP and you know my relationships with Toshiba are much better and last longer.  So a plain black one is fine....there are always stickers or paint......paint, wow.... sorry my brain just left the building.

Just in case I will put up my super duper Christmas stocking.

  U Santa

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