Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Finally hung it up....

After 10 years of hiding it, I finally hung it up.  The painting I did after I found out I had cancer.  Gloom and doom I call it because that's how I felt.  The word Cancer terrifies me.  When they did the hysterectomy I was 2 steps from cancer then.  When the mammogram found the lump, didn't think much of it.  When they wanted a biopsy the fear started.  By the way, Christmas Eve is NOT a good time to have a biopsy but, I wasn't thinking.  Just wanted it to be over with.  Ruined Christmas for me, I was sore, scared and didn't feel like celebrating.  2 days after Christmas they told me I had breast cancer.  I failed to escape this time.  So  many emotions fill you and I painted to let them out.  It is now on the wall for anyone to see.

 Without flash....looks yellow.

 With flash it makes it look brighter than it is.

Out of hiding and on the wall.

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